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Fyndiq takes intellectual property rights very seriously and does not permit sales or marketing of unlawful copies or forgeries. Merchants selling on Fyndiq are responsible for all rights, licences and authorisations being in place before selling on Fyndiq Global.


If you believe that a particular product or ad infringes your intellectual property rights, you may submit a request that we remove the ad.

To submit such a request, you must be the actual right holder or a representative authorized to act on behalf of the right holder. The representative must provide a signed power of attorney. We also need your contact details (name, address, e-mail address) and organization number.

All notifications need to contain a detailed and clear description of why the product or advertisement infringes your intellectual property rights, including:

  • Direct link (s) to the advertisement (s) which you consider infringing. Please indicate if you refer to a) the product or b) its description (or image) or both a) and b);
  • A description of why you think this is an infringement (for example, copyright, trademark, or patent) for each product or ad.
  • A copy of registration certificate or the like for the intellectual property rights you wish to claim.
  • An affidavit from you as a proprietor or representative that you act in good faith and that all information provided is correct.

Please send the above-mentioned information to the following e-mail address: